Our Mission & Vision


The idea for BoxKnight came us on a cold winter’s day, when Peter, our CEO, discovered his delivered Xbox covered by a foot of snow and completely soaked through.  He had been at school during the day, and the package had arrived while there was no one home to receive it.  This wasn’t the first time one of us had missed a delivery, and we know that almost every online shopper has faced similar to worse situations.  Do long trips to a warehouse or postal office sound hauntingly familiar?  Do you get goosebumps just thinking about the little “missed-delivery” slip hanging from your front door when you get back from work or school?  So do we. 

The good news is that BoxKnight is here to help both shoppers and online retailers gain control of the last mile!

Improve the Customer Experience and Help Drive Sales

Unfortunately, retailers currently spend way too much time worrying about deliveries, an aspect of their business they have no control over.  Until now.  BoxKnight allows online retailers the opportunity to offer their shoppers scheduled same day evening deliveries.  Gone are countless minutes wasted on the phone trying to help a customer track down their package!  Instead, say hello to the reduction of cart abandonment due to a delivery method that suits everyone’s schedule. 

Make Online Shopping Convenient and Simple

BoxKnight guarantees that you will never have to leave your house to pick up a missed delivery, lug a package home from work, or spend time reordering a stolen or damaged item.  Stay home, stay comfy, we’ll cover the rest.  Online shopping is supposed to be simple, we make sure it stays that way by putting the power back into the customers’ hands.