Shop Anywhere with BoxKnight's Personal Delivery Service

In the last couple of months, BoxKnight has undergone some really exciting changes.  First, we changed our name from Parscit to BoxKnight (The hero you want, and the hero you deserve.)  We won office space at a startup house called Notman that provides us with top of the line mentors, legal aid, financial advising, and discounted coffee at OSMO, each of which are equally exciting.  However, our most notable change is the addition of our soon to be Personal Delivery Service.  The concept of which is very simple; shop from any online retailer, anywhere in the world, and receive your package at night at the time of your choosing.  Whether you’re buying a studded leather jacket from Nastygal, hand crafted Harry Potter wand replicas from Etsy (don’t judge) or textbooks from Indigo, BoxKnight is there to make sure you never miss another delivery.

BoxKnight started off as a B2B2C company which pretty much means that we were a service for other companies that deal directly with customers.  Soon, online shoppers will be able to sign up on our website and receive our warehouse address.  They can then ship their purchases to our warehouse instead of their home addresses.  When we receive the purchase we will schedule a delivery and bring it over later that night.  

So keep your eyes peeled for our launch in the coming months!  If you want a head start signing up, head over to the Personal page on our website,, and click Sign Up.  Enter your info and we will create your profile for you.

Ciao for now!


The BoxKnight Team