Last Week in Delivery News: July 2-9

Let’s start this week’s recap off a little silly.  There is a crow in Vancouver called Canuck that is attacking Canada Post delivery personal.  Canada Post has stopped the delivery of mail and parcels to three Vancouver items until the bird vacates and it is “safe to return.”  Wow.  This is a picture of Canuck stealing a knife from a crime scene a couple of months ago.  He is distinguishable by the red tie around his ankle: 

Alright, back to it.  According to a Citizen’s Advice survey conducted recently, two thirds of online shoppers have had parcels lost, damaged or arrive late in the last year.  The most common complaint by shoppers is finding their purchase abandoned in their garbage bins, and the second most prolific complaint is that customers who stayed home during the day waiting for their delivery did so in vain, only to find a missed delivery slip attached to their door while they were home.  Furthermore, shoppers who face these sort of issues are being advised to contact the retailers, and not the delivery company.  The retailer is responsible for the product arriving successfully, and is held liable when it does not, even at the hands of a third party delivery company.  

Also, Amazon is once again taking major steps in revolutionizing the delivery industry through its recent acquisition of Whole Foods.  Amazon will now be able to deliver healthy groceries across America, increasing its product selection and delving into a new market. The merger cost Amazon $13.7 billion!  

Lastly, if you need your ice cream fix on a really hot summer day, no need to leave the house!  Baskin Robins is joining forces with DoorDash to bring any flavour ice cream straight to your doorstep!